to my unique Blogging Adventure.

Feel free to look around don’t be shy; this place is for me to write about what I get up to every day and things I love to do.  #SassyChick
You will get to see collections and my unique vintage perky style.

You will meet everyone who is close to me:
My beautiful, supportive Family
My Gorgeous Hunky King  (future hubby).
My two Pups and of course my closest Friends.


Yes, I may have to admit I am slightly addicted to
pink things, mermaidsunicorns and Harry Potter        



Thank you, Jackie, you queen.


Well, this magical box arrived the other day. 
 I’m new at the subscription game.
Each month I receive a variety of beauty products.
How bloody exciting.

Glittery Mermaid Unicorn 

eyeshadow palette, wanting to be a mermaid or a unicorn for the day this is the Palette for you girls
Pricing Only £4.00

Sleek makeup
Beautiful vibrant blusher to highlight them cheeks for the cold winter weather.
Pricing £5.99 Bargain

Kawaii Egg 
Perfect for getting makeup off them brushes that you never want to die. I find this so useful and easy to use, saved so many of my brushes. 
Pricing £7.99 

Lord and Berry 
Eyebrow pencil I haven’t used this yet so I can’t comment, soon as I have I will update you girls.
Pricing £14.00

Bang beauty 
Cream colour which I never knew was even possible to even make.
Never heard about this before, you can use for your lips cheeks and eyes. Making a perfect lipstick gloss, blusher or eyeshadow! I know crazy!! 
£19.50 Expensive but worth every penny.





I am addicted to tea, full on tea lover! I collect tea sets.

Bombay Duck https://www.bombayduck.com  

This company have also fantastic tea sets which are so beautifully presented as you can see.


The magical Mermaid and Unicorn brushes, what can get any better.
The soft tips and the magical colours. 

The silky case with the detailed Brush guide in every delivery.

Ran by Beautiful Angels!

Check out my Page all about Spectrum.





I now have a penpal group if you are interested, please email me can’t wait to hear from you all too excited about this.
As you can see below, I have the most incredible writing paper, from this small unique company that I buy all of my Art and Crafts from.

For more information, please click on the link above.
I have now got six people I write to monthly.
They are wonderful individuals!  I wouldn’t change them for the world!

Remember smile and enjoy
This is why I love blogging, excitement all around.




     Number One: Ted Baker brushes.  Just over £20, these brushes are beautifully presented. They are incredibly soft and applies makeup perfectly and evenly to the skin. One thing that is a small disappointment is the writing on the glass holder could do with a stronger text type.

 Number Two: BeautyBay products: eyeshadow palette which colours are bold that stands out when applied to the eyelid they are easy to blend and mix together for the perfect shade.
Lashes are made from silk which I had never heard of before I thought hell to it why not give them ago, they are pretty much the same as any other lashes.
Others that are in the picture are a hairbrush, lip moisturiser, hand mask and highlighter. Once I have used the products, I will let you gorgeous ladies know.
(click on the link to find out prices of each product)

 Number Three: Prada Candy baby! I didn’t buy this, but it just had to be in my top three purchases of the month. My gorgeous other half purchased this as I have been feeling poorly. What a mature sweet scent. Recommend if you are in need of a new perfume.
Price is £60 as a gift set which means the casing and the body cream to go with.



I would love for you to tell me what you think of this month’s top purchases. 

Also what your top purchases are and why?




I love sitting on my chair with my blanket wrapped around me, flicking open the page I finished last, removing my bookmark, putting on my glasses because I can’t see a bloody thing! Burying my head in a book forgetting what’s going on around me. channelling all my focus on the pages ahead.

Keep up to date on my Book Corner.



Two businesses I recommend you have a look at who I love buying from.
❀Holly– handmade unique gifts and keepsakes; she delivers on time and is fantastic with communication. I have made a lovely friend through her excellent business. Please follow her on Instagram: handmade_byholly.

❀ ibbidybobbidyboo –  
This lady has created such a wonderful, cute exquisite shop online full of all the fancy things you could ever want check Sams social media out, on Instagram or Twitter.


Love Always 

X o X