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I hope you are all going to enjoy this one, so put your feet up and grab your Cuppa. This is my favourite part of the day sitting here with the sun rising waiting to find out what the weather is going to do with its self.
Living in the UK it near enough rains every other day, but hey let be positive! Yep rain outside, this gives me an excuse to stay in and get typing.




Waiting for my tea to cool down sitting here wrapped up in my soft fluffy unicorn onesie and my woolly socks which are hand made from Devon (The best). My beautiful handmade pink Mermaid blanket; I have an obsession with them… I have now purchased three. All in pastel colours, Pink Lilac and Mint Green. Cleaned my glasses I can now see, tied my hair back in my invisible hair band, so it’s out my face ready for me to concentrate….



Breathing in and out and I am ready… but the question is, are you amazing people? Bloody Hell I hear the door bell ring which sets the dogs of, they go straight for the kill. Bearing in mind, they are small tiny dogs but still terrifying.They have small dogs syndrome hence their aggression. I guess dog like owner saying comes to mind. Looking out the window, it’s only our kind friendly postman standing there with my five thousand parcels; God knows how he stands there in his shorts it’s bloody freezing. I start to unwrap the packages to see what I have it’s like Christmas…  I get to the one parcel I have waited so long for and look what comes.


Isn’t it just BeautifulI am so happy with it, all my favourite colours mixed to make one outstanding piece of Art. I hand picked the colour and how big I wanted it, delivery was excellent 3-4 days and it came. If you would like to know who made it for me, please contact me in an Email.



I have many Dream catchers they are so special to me, but none of them means as much as this one does to me. With my Bipolar I usually have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and when I do, being on such a high dose of medication it makes me have frightening Nightmares. My Friends remind me of dream catchers they are always there for me when something bad happens, supporting me with their bright personalities. They are all so positive, which I must say I am extremely jealous.




Friendships have always been hard for me, because of my mental state. I can be unbalanced depending on what mindset I am in or what mood is taking over. No one has ever understood my strange ways. I tend to get judged, or I say the wrong thing. My Manic depressive mood is extremely hard to comprehend; I can cry for hours on end every day or even feel like my life isn’t worth living, I have no control, it can last for months.  It affects everyone around me my family, my friends and my other half; I am so lucky that the people so close to me are so helpful, and everyone makes sure that I never feel alone. But no matter how many people are around me loneliness is the hardest thing to fight off. My brain is like a battlefield with constant conflicting emotions.



My Mania mood is completely the opposite, crazy, outgoing, hyper, confident and unable to control what words come out of my mouth. It’s a confusing mood as I don’t know if I am coming or going and oh my goodness trying to concentrate seems impossible. The friends I have are amazing; they take time out to help me, take my  mind off of strange moods they make me feel “normal“. They even save me from doing stupid things (no need for detail).  I have lost many people along the way, due to my Mental Health but as my mum has always told me “things happen for a reason“.

My friends will always be like dream catchers to me.

I hope you have enjoyed it

Thank you for reading..








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