Jingle Bell Ball ❆


I can’t believe how fantastic this whole day was. 03.12.2016
I am so happy my dear friend got the tickets when we did, they sold out in seconds we did have to pay a lot but i would pay the same amount again as it was so good!
I got these cute stars recommended by a good friend they stayed on the whole night I was so impressed.


So outfit photo is under this one was a tricky choice as  I knew it was going to be boiling in the O2 always is. I know this from going to jingle bell ball two years ago.
Usually, I wouldn’t wear denim with denim, but I thought hey I have to wear my hand painted jacket this is the perfect place to wear it!
The line up was fantastic:
Olly Mers
Callum Scott
Dula Lipa
Sean Pual
Ann-Marie                        ♡ 
Clean Bandit
Nathan Sykes
Louisa Johnson
Craig David
Little Mix
Calvin Harris


My favourite people of the whole night had to be between Craig David and Dula Lipa They were unbelievable. Craig David played most of his old songs such as “7 days” brought back so many good memories.
Dula Lipa her voice was insane, it gave me chills and goosebumps! She was such a brilliant entertainer.
I wish I could turn back time and do it all over again. 

The vibe in the 02 was unreal every artist was unique and different in their own individual way. Some of the celebrities entered the stage from the floor, some being carried by topless men, it was unbelievable. We never knew what was coming.

We went there in the afternoon the doors opened at 16:30 pm, so we grabbed so food before this was around 14:00 pm. Food was horrid I have to say, but I am a fussy old sausage these days Haha! Then for most the concert we were standing up dancing and going wild, we didn’t leave the O2 until 22:30 pm so picture this, nine hours standing on your feet (including travel, etc.)
I could not feel my feet the next day they were so painfull but the pain was so worth it!

If you have never been I, advise you to go next year if you a huge music lover like I am you will love it I promise you. Just remember the comfortable footwear! Don’t make the mistakes that i made two years in a row.

I went with the most amazing people; they are like my second family, yes they beat the crap out of me (wrestling) but they are always there for me just like I am for them.
I haven’t known them long, but these days you don’t need to know someone for a long time to realise that they would be there for you through whatever.   “slug faces” aka Sarah’s  children.


Hope you enjoying this blog my beautiful readers, you should be finishing your cuppa by now as this one was sweet and short.

Love Beautifully Organised

I never say thank you for taking the time out to read my blog posts



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