Beautiful Devon

Hiya my Beautiful ladies,

I hope you are sitting down comfortable with a good cuppa! I sure am I am freezing, I have my hot water bottle (panda). My mermaid blanket to keep those legs warm, god damn my shin splits! My microwaveable slippers for my poor circulation on my feet they are always freezing. (If anyone knows how to help this, please do inform me)

 I have moved from Caterham Surrey. A built up busy area, to now becoming a Devonshire Chick! I am so bloody happy this place is unbelievable. Talk about nicer people and a slower pace of life. 


I look out my window from my bedroom I see trees, fields and the gorgeous wildlife. Oh, and of course not forgetting the energising windmills which are BLOODY huge. When opening the window, I can hear the sweet chirps of different birds, Looking to the back of my garden I see fluffy white sheep with their adorable lambs. Talking to each other,” Baaa this and Baaaa that”. What better way to wake up, instead of hearing cars passing by, people using their horn, next door neighbours being noisy and rude. I can have this life I feel on top of the world. But who wouldn’t?
My neighbours are wonderful they leave just on the right from my house at “Sleepy corner” they are so helpful and polite. Our house is called “Summer Hill”  and there is one other house that I am not sure of the name of yet. I will get back to you on that one. They have made us feeling very welcoming I must say.


Being Beautifully Organised, all boxes are unpacked, and everything looks so perfect, everything I wished my bedroom and walking wardrobe to look like. My fantastic art work from my favourites hanging on the walls.
Lights everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE, it looks like the Eiffel Tower when the lights go out. Of course not forgetting the splashes of pastel colours here there and everywhere, pillows, trunk storages, throws, dressing table you name it.
I never knew how exhausting moving could be, picking up your whole life and moving it somewhere else. But nevertheless, I have done it!

I am getting used to the area, the small lanes you drive down, even the people are so polite and friendly on the roads.
The towns are so cute and vintage right up my street!
My favourite house down here is a thatch they have been uniquely designed (I want to live in one, but Rhys would kill me). That’s why I would have to say a new build is going to be a correct option. I can’t complain!

One thing that I have found are so different in Devon.
The water is so fresh I can’t get over how it taste’s, I am so shocked it’s like drinking out of a fresh stream.
Water down here has a taste to it, an actual taste to it? You would have never thought it would be so different, compared to Surrey water its so chemicalised the taste just isn’t fresh.
The first place I have been to is Lynton & Lynmouth; it is by far the nicest village ever. Lynton is where the harbour is, which is the lower level, if you were to either walk or use the water pumped lift to the top then you will come across Lynmouth. You can go for long walks and nice small restaurants with fabulous menus for everyone to enjoy.
There is so much to do there, perfect for a picnic, bodyboarding which I love, sand, shells and you can even go crabbing in the small water pools within the rocks.
The family ran shops in Lynton; you have the elegant tea shops and of course not forgetting the excellent fresh fish and chip shop; you just can’t go wrong.
With the beach stretching out for miles the views leave me speechless.  As you can see by my very own photography how magnificent this place is…


So while I have been down here, my Beautifully Organised PenPal Community has lifted off.
Letters after Letters it’s the most wonderful feeling.
Within my community, we support each other and are open to everything spoken.
The numbers are going up and up and up…
From five to twelve.

If you want to be a part of Beautifully Organised Penpal group, please contact me.

Hope you Beautiful People enjoyed reading.




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