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Hello there my beautiful bunch of followers
Finally getting settled, In my new remote town. It’s time to keep my crazy overcomplicated head busy if I keep it distracted I don’t feel like I am spiralling out of control.

 My mum and I have always been best friends, we always do everything together, seeing her begin the gardening ready for the summer. I thought why not give it ago?
The only way I can explain my gardening is making it rhyme; it’s the way that gardening makes me feel. 

Putting on some gloves, falling down with a thud.
Hands in the dirt, shouldn’t have worn a white T-shirt.
The smell is divine says the girl holding her glass of sweet red wine.
Head in the sun oh what fun.
The crunchy leaves that have fallen off the trees.
Weeds that strangle like an awful bangle
The bugs that crawl here and there, but I always give them that straightforward scare.
My crazy frizzy hair is bloody everywhere.
Using this tool for the very first time making sure my flowers are straight in a line.
We finished that bed I turn around to see the dogs haven’t been fed!
Having a cuppa waiting for supper! 

 Written by Beautifully Organised

One thing I love about gardening is that you can make it your own, nothing has to be perfect as long you are happy that’s all that matters. The bright colours that make my heart melt.
Nothing better than staring out my window with a cuppa, looking at how well I have done and how much I have achieved. Don’t get me wrong its hard work but it’s so worth it in the end.

The garden at the back which is my next task which is going to take forever I must say, but I won’t be giving up. When pulling out the nasty weeds and you have to pull, tug and fight. It’s such a good work out!
I am just tackling the front garden which is nearly finished.  Pictures will be uploaded soon.



“Flowers always make people better,
Happier and more helpful they
are sunshine food and medicine for our soul. “

Some of the wonderful colours that decorate the garden:

Thank you for taking time out to read my new post.








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