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This blog post is going to be slightly different, as I am new to this “blogging” experience I am willing to try new things. I suppose everyone has to start somewhere.
The exciting buzz you get when finding a new shop, the same feeling when walking into a sweet shop, the butterflies turning around in your stomach. The not knowing what you’re going to buy, the hundreds of choices that are there right in front of you. I think that’s the best sort of feeling.


Everyone knows I have moved; my house is pretty much in the sticks (the countryside) our main town is called Barney also knows as Barnstaple. The main reasons for popping into town is trips to the charity shops!
This visit is for an entirely different reason. Walking past this fantastic front display that caught my eye, which forced me to enter. The old vintage bell rang as I walked through the door, the smile that was on my face. I fell In love; everything was set up perfectly. The first thing I did was feel the different types of fabrics, hanging off the individual hangers. Lace, sequins, silk, velvet, Satin fur and many others.Spinning around the room, squeaking with excitement.




“As soon as I get married this will be where I get my dress from”, I said out loud. Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Fiera Wang, Ralph Lauren and many others.  The dresses go back to the 1920’s and onwards, the detail on all the dresses, they are so intricate. So much thought has gone into each handmade dress. After looking at all the clothes deciding which one’s are my favourites time was ticking, and I still needed to look at the accessories! Hats, earrings, shoes. What has this shop got, that I am not in love with? The sparkling jewels that would make any women’s heart go crazy.



The elegant mirrors are hanging off each wall, decorated with pearl beads draping down, the silk silver chair with fur throw across it, the beautiful chandelier in the centre of the room bursting the light in all directions, highlighting the wonderful colours around the room. The colour coordination of each section, so neatly presented. Even down to the sweet vintage price tag on each item, the prices are on the high side but so worth each penny spent on each item One piece of item I have tried on was this silk jacket £549, but it’s the label that makes these items so valuable.




 I spent most my time sitting and getting to know the gorgeous, beautiful owner of Seraphine; I got so carried away asking questions I am sure she thought I was interviewing her. One of the many questions I asked was what gives her the inspiration to buy such beautiful vintage extremely expensive clothing, accessories and jewellery? Her answer was perfect “because I can, it’s what I love, why would I ever stop doing what I love”. What a awesome reply,


This shop is truly one of a kind; there is no where else to see it apart from my new hometown.
The shop is nearly as beautiful as the owner it’s self.

She was so kind, insisting I can try everything on, stay for as long as I would like and have as many cups of tea’s as possible. What can be more perfect than that?
The next thing made me squeak out loud which was highly embarassing whenever I am next there I have the opportunity to get everything out to try on.


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  1. Anonymous March 31, 2017 / 8:00 pm

    Harriet I really enjoyed reading your blog the shop looks fantastic well done you. The clothes are amazing too xxx I can see you going in there alot😊

  2. Anonymous April 2, 2017 / 9:13 am

    Love ❤️ the blog , the shop is truly beautiful xxx

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