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As you all know the weather recently has been bloody gorgeous, what’s better than sitting in the garden. Breathing in the fresh air of the countryside,  the sun in blazing on my moisturised skin ready for the summer tan glow. 

I grabbed my sketchbook, and my new sharp pencils ready to draw what comes to mind.
Pastel paints and the cute fresh paint brushes.




The reason why I enjoy my art and crafts days is how free you can be.  You just sit there and make what you want and make it how you want and you release your feelings in it often, and it is just a beautiful thing! You are using your head and your heart with art. No matter what you do, it always turns out fantastic. Expressing yourself is the best way to produce such amazing art.

When I feel like I have no self-control due to my mental health, the best way to channel my negative energy into something positive. People who struggle with different forms of mental health know how it feels to feel out of control and lost.
Do something practical such as:
Write your emotions down. 
-Draw your struggles
Write blog post but don’t publish them.
-Paint freely (use positive colours)
Keep your journal up to date.

-Make Collages




I have always loved scrapbooking, but this type of book is so special I have been completing it over the last year. Only seven pages left, and it’s done! This book is for my other half for his 30th birthday.
It based on all the special memories that we have made over the years.
I am so excited to see his face when reading it!

Love lots 


x o x




I have always been one to be hands on if you didn’t already know I was a tomboy in my “teen years”. I was brought up with my brothers, dad and grandad; they were all about being creative and being different.
Doing projects, building things, decorating furniture and of course big in the car scene.
My mum, on the other hand, has always been the opposite when it comes to being creative she is the most amazing knitter around, she also showed me how to sew and bake.
She is my best friend always will be!

Growing up I used to spend most the time going to my grandad’s work garage and watching him fix cars for hours and hours.
I would watch my dad create and design three beautiful homes we have lived in.
My brothers are creative my youngest was a carpenter, watching what he could make out of wood was so impressive.
My oldest brother I used to watch him for hours painting the soldiers which I still can’t get my head around!
We are a big creative family.
That’s how I got so into upcycling things I find and making them look brand sparkling new!

Another craft love of mine is scrapbooking; memories are always kept best written down then you will never forget.
Especially with the ones you love so dearly.
There are many places I get my art and craft products, charity shops are a huge place for selling bits and pieces, you have to know the right ones of course!
Another place to buy essentials is Hobby Craft, the cute little sticker packs you can get which are normally on offer EEEKK!

My favourite is the sweet vintage shabby chic style I set out to achieve, me & mumma bear are forever hunting cute old shops.
The kind of shops which are cut off from the world and only people who have an imagination can put a sparkle on something to make it look beautiful.

All of the photos above are taken by your truly; if you do want to copy please ask people. If you would like to ask any questions for advice or tips. 
Follow my contact page I would be happy to help.



x o x


Grab that Cuppa and come venture into my world of upcycling.

This has always been a massive thing for my mum and me; we love going for our weekly charity shopping hunt for bargains.
This has been going on in our family for years before I was even born!
My nan used to take my mum to find that perfect outfit for her “discos” or that perfect piece of furniture which used to go into her shabby chic house.
The only difference now is, as time has carried on style and fashion has changed which I am not complaining about.
When I spot something that stands out, it’s time to work my magic on the price tag.
Then take my Vintage Furniture home ready to sprinkle my sparkle over it.
 “tada” good as new.

This I found in a skip and made it into something useful, repainted. Looks as good as new don’t you think?

Some of my creations are on the left, the first thing for this type of look is to sand the wood to

make it rough for the paint to absorb into the wood.
The particular paint I use is the one pictured above as I believe it’s the best one out there to give you that quality vintage look, it’s expensive but worth it.I put around four to five coats on the wood to make sure it’s covered; then I put a top coat on the paint to prevent the paint chipping.


The other amazing reason I go charity shopping is for the clothing you never know what brand name you will find.
I have found Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, All Saints, Jack Wills, Kurt Geiger, Karen Millan and many others. For example with the dress below £4.00 Jack Wills original price £55.00.

Honestly, my beauties its worth going, you never know what treasures and mysteries you will find.
If you find something, the amazing thing is it all goes to CHARITY.

This picture above is an example of beautiful things you can find; each item was under a fiver.
Ring holder, belt, drink glasses for my Disaronno, body wash sets, clothing and jewellery.
For this whole bundle, I paid £25. 
Please don’t get me wrong I still love a high street store, but I do prefer a good charity shop.

Well, that’s enough with my blabbering away.




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