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This post should have been written ages ago I have just been so busy with other commitments. I have my new fantastic job which I am still trying to get used to! Least everyone is so friendly there which is all I want.

Anyway getting back to the reason why I am writing this post, all about the magical experience with my bestfriend. Watching the theatre production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
Getting off the underground stepping outside into the busy place of London. People on their missions going from A to B of their journey. The loud, busy roads, conversations being overheard. The smells of the food stores, making my mouth water. The Palace Theatre was only 10-minute walk from the underground. Which helped my mum due to her condition of not been able to walk a long distance. I was amazed by the decorations outside the theatre, you could spot it from a mile away.

My brother and my Sister in law managed to get tickets, they over booked the

date with their holiday, so they gave the tickets to my mum and me for our Christmas present.

The most expensive Christmas present I have ever had. We had to collect the booked tickets before we went, only one person was allowed to grab the tickets. I was so excited as you can see in the photographs.





Before going into the building, security was extremely strict,  just like any other theatre bags had to be checked no food or drinks allowed to be brought in.  You are only able to purchase food snacks and drinks when inside. All the staff were so lovely, welcoming us to our experience. The gift shop was there as soon as we walked in but I waited till the queue went down to purchase my gifts which I will show you later on in the post. 

The theatre had red carpets all the way up to the balcony where our seats were. The staff helped us to our seats; poor mum was terrified because it was so high. I thought the seats were perfect; you can see the whole of the stage from where we were sitting.
You see in the photo how high it was.

The first part started which was 2 hours and 40 minutes; the room went quite. You could feel how excited people were to see what was about to happen. Obviously, I can’t tell you everything that went on as I Wouldnt want to ruin it for others that may be going.
I was so worried that the magic was going to be tacky, but it was the opposite it was wonderful. The way the actors did things I just didn’t understand how it was possible. The story line was perfect; each character was unreal. Exceptional actresses and actors.
When the first Part finished, we had time to go and get a bite to eat and do shopping which is always one of my favourites to do especially being in London.
Throughout the whole experience, there were intervals within each part, which meant getting ice cream drinks and sweets! Who doesn’t like theatre ice cream everyone loves. I am like a bloody kid!
Part Two of the play lasted for  2 hours and 35 minutes. One thing I am going to say, the dementors that flew across the theatre above the audience was spectacular my favourite part; they were so realistic. They looked exactly like they did in the films thanks to the wonderful producers.


Director-John Tiffany 
Movement Director- Steven Hoggett
Set Director- Christine Jones
Costume Designer- Katrina Lindsey
Composer and Arranger- Imogen Heap
Lighting Designer- Neil Austin
Sound Designer- Gareth Fry 
Illusions and Magic- Jamie Harrison
Casting Director- Julia Horan CDG

The Final Story of Harry Potter was amazing, and I would say to anyone out there if you are a huge Harry Poter fan like I am you have to go and see it. If you don’t, you’re missing out big time! Only some of us know J.K Rowling’s secrets.


Moaning Myrtle Played By Annabel Baldwin
Uncle Veron, Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort Played By Paul Bentall
Scorpius Malfoy Played By Anthony Boyle
Albus Potter Played By Sam Clemments
Hermione Granger Played By Noma Dumezweni
Polly Chapman Played By Claudia Grant
Hagrid and Sorting Hat Played By Chris Jarman
Aunt Potuna, Madam Hooch and Dolores Umbridge Played By Helena Lymbery
Amos Diggory, Albus Dumbledore Played By Barry MacCarthy
Trolly which, Professor McGonagall Played By Sandy McDade
Ginny Potter Played By Poppy Miller
Harry Potter Played By Jamie Parker
Draco  Malfoy Played By Alex Price
Ron Weasley Played By Paul Thornley

My favourite Character was Scorpius Malfoy; he was such a massive part of the production, he was hilarious. Compared to his father Draco Malfoy within the films, he played a serious role. His son, on the other hand, was dipsey and clumsy and came out with incredibly funny things. Even though he had a sense of humour in parts of the show, he still was able to show his kind side to Albus throughout showing his support and loyalty within their friendship.








Me looking slightly happy can you tell? 


Gifts are always the best thing, I wouldn’t go into detail as the pictures show everything that I bought. So happy with my Harry Potter purchases who wouldn’t be there epically cool!











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