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Well, I am on a blogging role at the moment.
Every since I was in my teens I would go shopping to BlueWater with my mum, they have the best Ted Baker store obviously apart from London’s, but that’s miles away.
Walking into a Ted Baker store the colours beaming out to me, the pastel colours pinks, blues, greens, yellows and purples. You can always tell on Ted Baker clothing and accessories they have their original floral prints.



My watch, for example, has the beautiful floral print.

Only the one on the right is Ted Baker, but it’s identical to the white watch just the colour difference.


Of course, I love their decorative bags, but I am a lover the classy, sassy everyday colours when buying bags. Obviously not forgetting my colour pink. This bag is the most practical bag I have ever owned it has big compartment and sections which I love as the organisation is key to every bag.Bags are one of the main reason for my happiness, yes its sad and I need to get a life but each to their own. My weekend bag, this floral pattern is perfection the pink canvas with the basic greys and pastel blue flowers complementing each other so perfectly.




Now these bad boys, I haven’t been able to find sliders that feet my feet properly. Also finding the right ones that aren’t cheap to prevent rubbing when I walk and these are the ones! Paying a little bit extra who wouldn’t buy them?
The gorgeous floral design and the super soft flexible material which supports your feet as you walk with an under a coating of fur on the strap to prevent your feet sliding back and forth.
The pinkness is just enough not too much. Perfection in the making.












Ted Baker essentials, believe it or not, I got all of the above from Boots I could not get over that they had a whole section dedicated to Ted Baker products! Which is why I now live in boots now haha!
So I am going to run through all the products above and each items price and rate them. My ratings are
in my opinion only.. of course, everyone’s views and choices will be different.


Bow Box
set which included Body Cream, Body Wash and a Poof (that’s what I call it) I don’t know whether that’s the right name. This product only costs £18.00 cheap I know three for two on all Ted Baker products.
Product rating★★★ ★ ☆  Missing only missing one star due to there being enough space for other products such as the lip balm.

The thick, luxurious Bubble Bath is amazing quality with the scent of sweet flowers.Making skin feel enriched and soft. With the pink plastic with the decorative flowers on the background. 400ml for only £12.00. Also is in thew sale for three for two.
Product rating; ★★★★★ Nothing to complain about, high ratings all round.

 The product has been priced reasonably. Smell and thickness fantastic product!


Body Wash Is the same scent as the Bubble Bath above; nothing changed apart from the bottle type and the thickness of the gel. One thing I would say about this is the tube isn’t as big as the Bubble Bath bottle. Which has let it down from getting five stars from me.
It’s again very cheaply priced which is amazing! £10.00 Also a part of the Three for Two sales.
Product Rating: ★★★★☆

Lip Balm set, I am extremely fussy with what I use on my lips. As they are always dry and chapped. I was nervous just in case it made them worse. I have tried other products before such as lip masks and lip balms, I even tried drinking more water nothing seemed to work.
It was like magic they are so soft and moisturised. Ted Baker Rocks! It comes with three types inside. This is also included for Three for Two. Price only £12.00
Product rating ★★★★★ They get such a high rating from me as they completely revamped my lips. One happy customer. 



Hand Cream everyone needs hand cream in their life, who doesn’t! After a long day at work. washing my hands continuously due to my OCD habits I then cream my hands to ensure they don’t get dry and cracked. Very good hand cream to show I have to say. This was only £8.00 BARGAIN
In the Sale of Three for Two again.
Product Rating; ★★★★★ Full Stars of course happy me.


I think that is enough don’t you, I hope you have enjoyed reading.
Please comment below on thoughts. 
Love always




  1. sophiesspace01 July 16, 2017 / 11:34 pm

    I absolutely loved this blog post about Ted Baker, lovely! Your photos are so beautiful. You’ve made me want to try out some Ted Baker products! 💕 x

  2. beautifullybubblytales
    July 17, 2017 / 12:43 am

    Thank you so much babe 💗🌷 you are such a sweet heart xxxxx

  3. Carlie August 11, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    Love this post especially as I love everything Ted Baker this post is composed very well xx

  4. Jade September 9, 2017 / 6:49 pm

    you are the girlie i look up to as my older sister and I love you 💜💜💜 and all your things

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