Unicorn horns & Mermaid Tails



These girls have changed my MAKE UP collection forever. It’s MERMAZING….

For them to support me on twitter and instrgam is just awesome.
They really have changed my outlook on life, if you have a idea run with it don’t give in. Follow your dreams no matter what. Thank you so much for everything girls.

Who would have thought that two sisters SOPHIE AND HANNAH from Wales would now own a business worth 8 million pounds?  What an amazing magical journey, carry on reading to find out more and my own personal collection..


      U M 


The adventure began when the beautiful sisters, sat in comfortable Pj’s in their garage for hours and hours coming up with a genius idea. While they were sitting back drinking their cups of tea’s Designing makeup brushes, what they didn’t realise was how far their stunning business idea would go.


The Beautiful Unquie Design of each set is just stunning. The thought and time that has gone into each collection Perfection in the making.
“Crafted from the highest-quality synthetic hair, every brush is vegan and animal-friendly
. Which Is one of the many reasons why I love the brushes.”

Sophie said: ‘People love us because we’re different.
People love unicorns and mermaids
as a way of saying they’re not like everyone else.’ 


Brushes that look feel and stand out differently from any other brush.
Brushes that catch the eye of hundreds of people around the world.
Brushes that last and never lose their colour.
Brushes that are protected by the gorgeous shell or roll cases.


These queens have always been one of my top idols, despite their terrible factory disaster they are so inspiring to so many women around the world. The world had supported them when the girls were in need of it! #GirlGang






The #sassy cases, Mermazing I have two uses out of these for storage of my magical
brushes and to use them as an evening bag. 

The beautiful role out mats is just as gorgeous! I haven’t got the Bridal set yet because of Duh I’m not even a bride YET.  Check out all the Links below for more information:









I could speak about these brushes all day,

Love you always 


My collections are forever growing, so start your collection now at: Spectrum Collection














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