water girl

Always been a water baby.


From being in the bath for hours on end.. to now living by the sea.

My water experiences started when I was fourteen. My mum used to send me and my brother Fred to a watersports Summer Camp. Taking part in Windsurfing, kayaking and sailing.
Getting older I got serious about learning everything I could about windsurfing; I aimed to become a Windsurfing Instructor, I bumped up all the levels I could one after the other Until eventually,  I was teaching.
I loved it! Having responsibilities, teaching people of all ages something you LOVE is such a fantastic feeling plus getting paid for doing something you enjoy is just a bonus.
Going into races against other competitors, winning trophies and certificated what more could a girl ask for!

Getting older as im sure you know life can draw your attention away from the things you love and you end up somewhat too busy to do the things you want,I was highly occupied with my full-time carer as a Teacher Assitant; there was never enough hours in the day to fit everything in,So sadly I had to sell all my equipment as there wasn’t enough room for it all and it was just going to waste sitting in the garage collecting dust when I knew there was someone out there who could make much better use of it.

So a short while later I moved to Devon, Rhys my fiancee soon joined me down devon to, and every direction from our house could easily lead us to the ocean.
Rhys being a “city boy” was never fond of the sea didn’t even entertain the idea of it when i mentioned it to him, he used to say things like “he would never be on that” and that “the sea was long” as he would put it haha


so while I had many beaches at my disposal, I thought why not start bodyboarding?


I have done it before, and I honestly believe that Rhys would love it. So we set off down to the beautiful store in Braunton “Tiki Hut” to get new wetsuits, boards and flippers. The excellent salesmen told us all information on the best brand, and what will be good for us to use, how to get the most fun out of body boarding, he is a great guy and also the store manager! We have to thank Mark for his patients with us and giving us mates rates when he can.

So here goes nothing we had arrived at Woolacombe beach and Rhys was standing there with his new wetsuit ready to go into the sea for his first time. The minutes flew past and Rhys was determined to get his first wave and get it on film and what did he do! Exactly that (although it took some time). He was acting like a young boy first learning to ride a bike until he started peddling on his own he wasn’t getting off of that bike, not for anyone.
He finally caught what he needed to, and now he won’t shut up about it.

I am so happy that we have now both something we love doing as a couple, and the bonus is it’s an excellent way to keep fit no paying for the membership for a gym.

So with Rhys’s new found addiction for the sea we decided it would be a good idea to get surf boards also so when the swell isn’t too high and we cant enjoy our body boards because the waves are too small we can now take the boards out and teach ourselves how to use them instead! (although this is a LOT harder to do)In less than a year we have built up somewhat of a quiver and now have five body boards, three surf boards two wet suits and full winter gear so we can get out doing what we enjoy! in fact this month we have been out in the sea, and in Feb we have our good friends down from London for a visit, so you know the winter gear will be back on!


So going back to what Rhys once said…and i quote “the sea is long” well guess who sold there pride and joy type r to buy a surf bus for the beach…yeh you got it and Rhys loves his van and whenever were even mentioning going to the beach before we even agree he is out there loading the van up and buzzing to leave! On the plus side now we don’t have to stand outside when were getting changed as he has a long wheel base caddy with tinted windows so we have comfort and warmth to say we have had a lifestyle change would be a slight understatement.


well that’s a little bit of a story on my water baby history but I must dash as we are off to our resident spot Woolacombe!


surfs up, dudes!







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