Shopping Trips & Appearance ♡


This Section is all about my shopping trips my loves, my favourite appearances.

Appearance has always been a major struggle, ever since school.
Being a victim of bullying really changes you as a person.
You become stronger; a wall surrounds you to prevent getting hurt.
I was the girl at school with the natural hair, no highlights, no makeup, braces and a non-padded bra, I didn’t start shaving my legs till year 11, and that’s only because the boys targeted
me in the summer I felt forced to do it.

That’s just what society does; you feel you have to look a certain way and it’s not true!
 Feel beautiful in your skin.

I started wearing makeup in college I went from one extreme to another, wearing no makeup to plastering it all over my face and I didn’t care about what anyone said my attitude towards everyone was  “Go fuck yourself” My hair was fire engine red, with long extensions, which just made me stand out and I liked the attention it was getting. (not always good attention).

I soon realised that was just my rebelling stage of my life, struggling with the bullying who wouldn’t act like that.
I felt I was out of control I needed help, which I then got diagnosed with Bipolar, with the right help and support and medication,  I am stable.
Also knowing that I have the most wonderful friends and my family, of course not forgetting my lover. Oh and my doctors and my help websites online.

Since 2016 I have finally found my real self, I feel that I am beautiful enough to go down to
the shops without my makeup and my hair done perfectly. I feel proud of how I look don’t
get me wrong I have a long list of things I would change if I could.
-Bigger boobs
-Longer hair
-stronger nails
-tanned skin
The list is endless. But no one is perfect.

A piece of me that I will never regret is my tattoo’s they have given me confidence, I stand out from the crowd but not in a negative way, in a positive way.
Don’t get me wrong most people hate them but I love them, and that’s all that matters.
Look at my post in this section, and you will be able to see all my tattoos and the ratings of how much they hurt.

My favourite person in the whole universe my idol not because of her drug habits.
Just her views and her dedication, her looks she gives me such inspiration.

I don’t tell people much about my old self as I am personally ashamed, but I trust you beautiful lot, and I know that anything I say you won’t judge.