happy ever after

Welcome to my next Blog Poppets. Grab that cuppa and have read.

Yes, this one is going to be all mushy and talking about how I met my Bestfriend who is now my soul mate and the person who I believe I could grow old with.. so if you don’t like all that rubbish for one reason or another I would advise you to keep clear of this page, go to another blog post.  If you are happy to read about it, then please do carry on.


Three years we have been together.. it all started with what he would like to call his “Baby” this is his car by the way, not me yes you may be thinking how in God names did a car get two people together!
But hey never judge a book by its cover, it’s like a fairy tale but with an entirely different twist.

I have always been a car enthusiast ever since I went to American car shows with my Nana and Gramps every weekend. It was the best time, soaking up the sun showing off their vintage old cars. A 1957 Chevrolet and a 1963 corvette stingray. Once they sadly passed away it was up to my family to look after them..which we carried on the tradition, anyways enough about that. Rhys who is my partner had an R32 GTR Skyline his “baby”. We arranged to meet so I can experience my dream of going in this car! We had been texting face timing as you do when I Finally thought this is it, time to properly meet!  He had been blabbering on about his bloody car which seemed to go on forever!

You know them before date nerves, and you don’t know whether you are brave enough to meet someone you have never seen in person before. Eeeeek! Your breathing goes shallow, you change your clothes a thousand times pacing up and down your bedroom like a mad woman! Applying your makeup which never goes right first time.

So I was set one more look in the mirror, squeeze the last bit of my favourite perfume out.Tada, let’s go.”Chloe” my favourite as always.

He picked me up it was freezing which proved it was  a cold winters night I was so nervous, walking down my drive ready to meet him obviously I forgot something, a coat! I had no idea where we were going to go but hey you only live once why not be spontaneous! I got butterfly’s in my tummy the moment I laid eyes on him! he was everything I was expecting and more, bloody perfect! So the nights went on, we kept meeting I loved his company and he loved mine, it wasn’t like a normal relationship. We connected we understood everything about each other. We had a driving spot we would sit at and talk for hours on end, I used to be up till three four in the morning.
Work asked why I was so tired all the time it was so bloody worth it.

So he finally had the guts to ask me to be his partner, of course, I said yes and we blossomed from there on out.
We have been through our ups and downs like every relationship, you have fall outs extra, but you put the past behind you and spend each day as if it’s your last.
Soo anyways where was I, we both have different types of medical conditions that we struggle with, but we both help each other through the tough times.

He got me my forever ring which i admit it is an American thing to do, but i think it’s such a cute idea. A ring before the egagement ring, I have to say can’t wait for that special day though as I know it will be perfect in every single way because it’s with the man I love.

Having to go through a hard time. I am leaving to move to Devon, which Rhys will be coming with me eventually. I will have to just cope a couple of months without him which is going to be so hard. If we can get through this, we can deffo get through anything.
We are a strong couple, and nothing will ever be able to break us.


I am not going to go into any more detail, and I have shared enough I think, don’t you?
Least you know a little bit about me and my amazing supporting king of mine.

He is one of a kind and he is mine forever mine.

Hope you enjoyed my soppy cheesy read ha ha!

Love beautifully organised