Hello, there beautiful people around the world;
Whenever I have a free moment, I am always on my Kindle reading away like a bookworm.
One hand grasping my Cuppa and my Kindle in my other yes I am a woman yes I can multitask it’s a skill that we women can do.
The amazing thing about a Kindle is you can put it in any size bag, its slim and extremely light.
Yes, some reading books you get can be small and compact, but this is just a perfect size, no more altering the size of your bag depending on what book you are reading. Eeek was just perfect.

What is even more brilliant about reading from a Kindle is, you don’t have to go book hunting its right there all different types of books ready to read, the interesting blurb. The various categories are endless; at the moment I have to say romance is my top book selection.
As its nearly Christmas and you have your fluffy winter socks on and you super comfortable dressing gown, frost in the air pouring of the trees all you want more than anything is to snuggle up with the one you love around the roasting fire, which makes me want to read a romantic book.
Yes, I am crazy, and yes I do already know that what can I say. Everyone is different in their little way. Hehe.



The lost boys; what can I say I wouldn’t put this down as my “normal type” of book that I would read. My partner said I must read it, that I would learn exactly what life was like in his world. I have always been in the countryside never been on a bus; he has always grown up in “the ends of south London” where gangs, graffiti and crime is real. I have enjoyed reading this book; if anyone is like me, not knowing what other people go through day to day, then this is the book for you.

Fuelled by drama, action and the tale of a troubled boy who has now become a successful young man, I highly recommend.




I thought why not pick up a book instead of my kindle. Go the old fashion way with a cute bookmark and the smell of a fresh book is divine! (I’m a freak I know).
This book has been hard to concentrate on with my ADD (attention deficit disorder) getting in the way. It was complicated switching from one story with several characters to another story with other several characters by the time I got my head around it; the book was fantastic and I couldn’t put it down.
Long story short A women is a housekeeper for this gentleman he used to find lost objects on the street when walking around the city then writes short stories on how the objects have been lost and why. Once the man passes away, he leaves the housekeeper the house and all the objects… GRAB the book to find out the endning and how both the stories come into one.



This Book I have just started, I am so excited to read this saying that I  am nearly half way there.
There is also a series on Netflix about “Nasty Gal” and what gave her inspiration throughout her journey to finally open up her website. She made it different to any other persons online shop and done everything herself. Which makes it so unique which is why I think it’s such a good book to read.




My current book the “Wallbanger” by Alice Clayton. She is a fantastic writer, the way she connects with the reader is unreal! The book sounds bad, but it’s not what you are thinking, well actually I tell a white lie. It starts off as exactly as the title says.
A young, vibrant woman was moving to the city closer to her work. The mysterious man who is next door is the “wall-banger”.  I think you can work out what he gets up to, but the young women hear him but never see him, shes continually looking out her peephole but no luck!
When they finally meet he explains everything why he does it…. but I will have to leave it there,
I can’t tell you everything, can I?
Read it I promise you will love it.
I hope your love this one ladies.


This book was such a pleasure to read; it was naughty don’t get me wrong, you girl must read it!
Talk about romance and mushy stuff.

This book I have only just started, there is not much to say about this book at the moment as I have only just begun. But I am excited to get my read on!
It was half price as well bloody Bargain! If anyone has read it, please give me the heads up on how fantastic this read is?


This book was fantastic. Personally, I thought it was a difficult read as it switches to different characters. If you keep up with whats going on its a book worth reading.
The way the writer got you continuously wanting more, each time I put the book down I was picking it back up every chance I got.
It gave me chills I don’t want to say too much ab0ut the secrets that are inside.


Found this beauty in a charity shop for 50p I love this woman, but I don’t know enough about her so here goes nothing.

Well after finishing this book, I now know things I didn’t know about this gorgeous lady, the details of how successful she was and how much of a role model she became from her modelling and the men she was dating. So much drama which I felt she loved, women wanted to be her and men wanted her. She was continuously in the limelight for what she was doing or what she was wearing.

Who wouldn’t want to be Marilyn Monroe

Rest In Peace.


Love always