zoo adventure ♡

sleep OVER AT THE  zoo
“Lions tigers and bears oh my.”


Don’t forget to grab that cuppa; This page is aimed at my photography as you will be able to see.

Nothing better than waking up and looking out of the window seeing all the beautiful animals with the sun rising in the background.
The safari hotel at Chessington was fantastic, clean, friendly and welcoming.
The food was excellent in the jungle shack, with ornaments hanging above you of huge giraffes keeping you company while you were eating your food.

The reception even had tortoises and lizards!
The title of the hotel matched the inside of the hotel! Animal prints on the floor and walls it was so magical.
If you ever have a spare weekend, I would go.. Don’t miss out.



So within the safari hotel, there are so many things to do, swimming, gym, game room, bar and restaurants.
We also had first access to the zoo.
It was so nice to have quality time with my other half, looking at all the wonderful animals and of course not forgetting the private giraffe tour!

Decorating cookies, eating all you can eat buffet. Then stuffing our faces with lots of sweets which always had to happen.
Then climbing through the trees to see the cheeky monkies underneath us.

Not forgetting that the Lions and their cubs came out to play in the sunshine which was so adorable to see.

EEKK.. Finding Nemo and Dorey also popped in to say hello.


I would love to share my photo of Chessington zoo with my new camera for you beautiful people to see.

These have all been taken by yours truly.

So let’s begin.

I hope you have had a good time reading and seeing, what me and my gorgeous soul mate of mine got up to.

Please understand photo should not be copied unless given permission to.



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